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In many cases, delivery of industrial machineries in one piece is just not feasible technically and logistically, because of their dimensions. Precious installation & calibration are required to get them to work at the optimal conditions.

With a dedicated installation & calibration team, we can perform the complete assembly directly at the destination. Our technical teams have gained installation & calibration expertise over many years and will assure expert installation in compliance with national or international standards and recommendations.


Our preventative maintenance servicing and inspection are carried out periodically on equipment to ensure they remain in optimal working conditions. When preventative maintenance is carried out, the likelihood of the equipment failing is greatly reduced. Our periodical preventative maintenance service is more cost-effective and convenient than having to carry out unexpected repairs on a piece of equipment after it has already failed.


Any machinery when used continuously or for long period of time are susceptible to break downs – requiring troubleshoot & repairs. The unexpected downtime can disturb the workflow, de-motivates the employees and even lose money. We have fully-staffed break down assistance service with experienced & trained service personnel that can respond to your any breakdown promptly.


Complete repair & service options from standard preventive maintenance to major component overhauls are available with a guarantee of quality & reliability of the service. Accident repairs are also available for hi tech machineries that guarantee the machine will be functional as the day you purchased it. Based on the initial customized service agreements, special discounts are offered to customers in accordance with the nature of the repair or overhaul.

In addition, as the authorized dealers, we are able to stock a wide range of genuine spare parts to carry out most repair & replacement jobs. This means we may well have the necessary parts to carry out a repair without having to order them from the manufacturer of the equipment.